Powering Online Children Safety with AI.


A Chatbot for Question Answering around Privacy Policies.


R software for supervised, unsupervised and semi-Supervised classification with MIXture MODelling.


Discover & validate proprietary drug targets using human genetic data.

Selected Publications

A conditional neural language model for concept-to-text generation that scales to large, rich domains.
EMNLP 2016

A bilinear model, coupled with a simple language model, for image captioning.
ICML 2015

Recent Publications

More Publications

    Polisis: Automated Analysis and Presentation of Privacy Policies Using Deep Learning
    USENIX Security 2018

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    280 Birds with One Stone: Inducing Multilingual Taxonomies from Wikipedia Using Character-level Classification
    AAAI 2018

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    Taxonomy Induction using Hypernym Subsequences
    CIKM 2017

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    Multimodal Classification for Analysing Social Media
    ECML-PKDD 2017

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    Neural Text Generation from Structured Data with Application to the Biography Domain
    EMNLP 2016

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    Word Embeddings for Natural Language Processing
    EPFL PhD Thesis

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    Rmixmod: The R Package of the Model-Based Unsupervised, Supervised, and Semi-Supervised Classification Mixmod Library
    Journal of Statistical Software

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    "The Sum of Its Parts": Joint Learning of Word and Phrase Representations with Autoencoders
    ICML DLW 2015

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    Phrase-based Image Captioning
    ICML 2015

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    N-gram-Based Low-Dimensional Representation for Document Classification
    ICLR Workshop 2015

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